Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to my new blog, P*ck Off!! I know, a very tasteful name for a rather tasteful blog that will not shy away from topics that need to be heard.

I’m Maria, a writer and journalist and as such believe our words are important, each thin veil of tone, perspective and emotion all slated out into a sucker punch of a story creates quite an impact, especially now more than ever. 

I want to carve this small little side blog into that world, let’s bring back the true meaning of *Journalismship* (not a word, but I like it, let’s roll with it) to help people, to educate people, to make others understand again. I started my journalism course in university years ago with such a motivation, to use my words for some form of good, as the years rolled on I’ve witnessed publications and small sites burst out of their moral fibres and just word vomit in a way that would get the most shock value.

Anyway, I digress because really, essentially and at its core, this is a hockey blog with a side dish of life. And what I mean by that is, there’s politics in hockey that’s there and should be there, as much as there’s politics in almost everything around us. I also mean I just wanted a space to talk about mental health, films and write some angry op-eds etc etc etc during the off-season too. 

So really, this blog is for almost every reader, just not the fainthearted. I’m kidding. But really, let’s not stray away from what the heart of journalism is all about, I’m bringing it back baby! I hope you enjoy.

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