Where Are They Now? What the Previous Flames’ Players Are Doing Now

Originally written in September 2021. Edited, and altered in April 2022

The 2021/2022 season is feverishly wrapping up, and it was a notable one too for it was the club’s 30th anniversary! Now the playoff weekend is here, let’s take a look back and reminisce about the previous season’s team and the last time we landed in the playoff weekend!

From settling down with the family to flying from country to country to expand their hockey horizons. Whatever the ex-Flames players are doing now, we respect their choices and appreciate every moment they had spent with us.

Let’s begin with our old netminders:

Travis Fullerton


The 34-year old was last seen signed up for the St. Quentin Castors, in the previous season but saw zero ice time when the season was cancelled early. But returned eagerly this season, before yet again, the league took another pause.

It was this past February when finally, the season was running up again. The season had just wrapped up for him finishing with a . 746 save percentage lower than his average. Prior, Fullerton kept himself busy working as a self-employed Regional Sales Representative. Returned back out in his hometown of New Brunswick in the summer of 2020 for the job.

Wouter Peeters


Before Wouter Peeters skipped on over to the town of Leuven in Belgium, he joined the Finnish team Haukat. Totalling a 6 GP and .897 save average. This season, the 23-year-old returned home taking up arms with the BeNeLiga’s Chiefs Leuven.

Mike Will


Mike Will from the get-go, has always been very open about his life after Guildford. Additionally, be on what he was working part-time. Now he’s retired from playing hockey—or for the more familiar fans, swinging doors—the now full-time professional photographer has a lot to his name.

The fellow Brit had been playing since 2003. Fast-forward to the present day, he has now made a brand of himself with his passion for photography. He is known for his brand as ‘m.visuals photography‘ to venture further with his photography and travelling around the world. Additionally, he has partnered with many notable brands such as Sony, Bentley and Xbox, to name just a few.

Kruise Reddick


Kruise Reddick told the Flames that he wanted to take time out with his family back last September when he got married and started a new job at an oilfield chemical company. Prior to this decision, he knew his official retirement plan was for the 2020-21 season to be his last. His final play on the ice happened to be with the Slovakian team the HK Dukla Trencin, with the fellow ex-Flames player, Calle Ackered.

Calle Ackered


The Swedish native took no breaks when the pandemic dropped. He flew to Slovakia and joined Dukla Trencin raking up 50 GP, and 17 goals. But those points weren’t the only things he collected, gaining new fans by the dozen. He made a big impression before moving forwards onto the Graz99ers for this current season.

Jamie Crooks


Jamie Crooks made a mark with the Flames—and the club’s history! When he scored 5 consecutive goals in against the Cardiff Devils in 2020. He didn’t make an appearance during the notorious 2020-2021 season but came back in full swing into the EIHL this current season. This time had been showing his face in a purple jersey with the Glasgow Clan.

Corbin Baldwin


The 6’5″ D-Man had been hopping back to the States where he spent most of his ice hockey career. He wasted no time last season playing for the Kansas City Mavericks. He then hopped on over to the Fort Wayne Komets in the ECHL for the start of this season before ending with Greenville Swamps Rabbits.

Jesse Craige


Our previous and devoted captain for four previous seasons has now moved on forwards with his life out of the Guildford Flames. He had retired to focus on his personal life. He originally had considered playing for yet another season for the Flames but respectfully, family comes first.

Stevie Lee


Long time Panthers player took a little break from the black and gold to play for the Flames for a season. While we had our break over here in the EIHL, he took time to play in Italy for the Pustertal/Val Pusteria in the Alps HL. All this before returning back to his black and gold jersey for this season. Unfortunately, he received a lower-body injury resulting in not being able to return for this season and see it to its end.

Jez Lundin


The defenceman had been playing since 2001. Lundin was known to be leaving before we knew more would follow suit with this missing EIHL season. The hockey veteran retired at the end of the 2019-2020 season wrapping up a total of 9 trophies and 648 games with the Flames.

Jordan Rowley


According to LinkedIn, Jordan Rowley has hung up his skates to work as a consultant for an orthopaedic company since his break from hockey. There is no official statement for retirement.

Cam Braes


Cam Braes swapped teams and went towards Manchester Storm during the previous actively this season. There’s not a lot of current news to go on for him. But he had done an interview for the Lethbridge Hurricanes’ Saturday Sit-Down, last September where he officially said he was hanging up his skates for good. Instead, he had been looking at policing, specifically city policing, where he could use his two degrees. Either way, he has spoken about the flexibility of his choice at the time.

Erik Lindhagen


The 34-year-old is still running fast on fire now, as he played for the 2021-2022 season for the Kitzuheler EC. He didn’t miss out a season prior, by heading off to Norway to play with Grüner.

Braylon Shmyr


The young Vancouver-born speedy on his feet forward moved a lot while being with us at Guildford and then some after. After Shymr’s debut in the EIHL, he moved back and returned to the ECHL. He played a part for Allen Americans and Utah Grizzlies. Following suit went off to the HockeyEttan League in Sweden for this season for the Östersunds IK. Shmyr finally landed back from his whirlwind by returning to the EIHL to play for the Glasgow Clan with fellow ex-Flames player Jamie Crooks.

Joshua Waller


Young Joshua Waller has been succeeding well as a Guildford native in the Flames. He shared a lot of potential after gaining, deservedly so, extra ice time with the Cardiff Devils for this season, going up against his ex-team. He made no space for breaks by heading off to Sweden to play for Nittorps IK for the part of the 2020-21 season before participating in the mini EIHL series and playing with the Sheffield Steelers. He had just won “Young British Player of the Year” for the 2022 EIHL Awards.

Jordan Abt


According to LinkedIn, he has branched out and moved away from ice hockey. He now works for an insurance broker as a Business Development Representative, since the start of last year.

Ben Davies


Ben Davies wasted no time within the hockey world. He played wherever and whenever he could within the UK wherever it was still open during the start of the pandemic and while the whole hockey world was dire. This included the Swindon Wildcats for the NIHL Cup before going back to his hometown for sure, to play with the Cardiff Devils with his fellow ex-Flames player, Joshua Waller.

TJ Foster


With a native podcast to his hometown, the VonDubCast, TJ Foster gave us a little inside scoop on his current day to day life, when it was released in September 2020.

He had been working back at home in his home province of Alberta, in Canada, back with his family’s business. He admitted at the time how he was at a crossroads with what to do next at the time, as to whether to continue his hockey career or move on forwards from that. Specifically, if so, whether he’d come back to play in Europe, continue working with his dad or go back to school and pick up studying again; which was cut short thanks to his offer to play for the Marlies while he was attending the University of Alberta.

Now we know what had happened let’s celebrate and appreciate the many years of great players that came along to play for the Guildford Flames. As well as the end of another excitable season!

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