The Positive Side: “Toxic Friendships”

Toxic friendships as a topic have never been the pinnacle of interest when we mention toxicity in a relationship. It was only until recently that the conversation has taken social media by a slow but steady storm. When I first read the words “toxic friendships” on Twitter, the first thought that came to mind was:Continue reading “The Positive Side: “Toxic Friendships””

Cabin Fever within my own body – Stuck inside with BDD for post-holidays

Christmas, the festive season and the New Year’s flew by with the snap of our fingers, but this means now we have to deal with the aftermath of what had come with such closely packed celebrations (even during the pandemic with little ways of celebrating to begin with!): Over-indulging and agonising over nit-picking our ownContinue reading “Cabin Fever within my own body – Stuck inside with BDD for post-holidays”

The Positive Side: “The Importance of Boundaries”

This series will always run as an association with my Charity Twitch Stream where we’ll be fundraising for the mental health charity, MIND on Saturday 19 December at 7 pm GMT (Check what time that is for you here) If you want to join in to watch or donate click here to watch and hereContinue reading “The Positive Side: “The Importance of Boundaries””

Games are vital for sex workers’ survival during the pandemic

Sex workers are using their initiative to do what they can to survive through the pandemic without their usual face to face contact; one method is the life and saviour of utilising video games. The pandemic has been a difficult time for everybody in every respect. But especially for those in the sex industry thatContinue reading “Games are vital for sex workers’ survival during the pandemic”

Why Do We Turn Away?

There is an internalised stigma against those with a lower income than yourself. It’s filtered through the news, the media and the government cutting down aid for those that need it. The most common action when walking down a busy high street and hearing a raspy: “Change please?” coming from below our knees, a homelessContinue reading “Why Do We Turn Away?”