The Sims 4 Review

It has been a few days since the new instalment of The Sims series was released, and here is what I think of its improvements and the components that are now missing from the game.

Written for GamersFTW

By Maria Baker

There was a big build-up of the countdown of The Sims 4 but is it as good as the last one?
I admit what we came to see in the trailers and promotional footage that were released grabbed my attention with all the new features such as the precision in customising a Sim, that made me expect highly of the new upcoming game.

What we weren’t told in these trailers and promotions were the missing components that were featured on the previous instalments which made me take a step back and rethink whether I really do like it or not.

Despite the lack of, one could argue, a few of the best features that may have made the series more popular, there are a few new additions.
Firstly, Sims now have emotions to give the gameplay a new spark, which I personally find is a good tool to work with. A Sim life couldn’t just be about getting a job, learning new skills when you like and then just keeping your needs bars green, and then, while everything is perfect, what to do now?
The Emotions push you into learning a skill faster, making and breaking bonds with friends and family and doing certain activities according to your Sim’s current emotion.

What more, our little Sims can now multitask, whether that’s holding a conversation while you dance or finishing off that coffee you were earlier drinking while you’re on the toilet.
These two new minor details make the Sims life more realistic and enjoyable.

It doesn’t stop there, although to our disappointment, Create a Style has vanished, we can customise better, as creating a Sim and designing a house is now more thorough and detailed. As old items are replaced with new such as small knick-knacks like a knife rack can now be used as decorations, we also have the ability to change the size of the rooms while the placement of the objects in the room are automatically repositioned into place. If you’re feeling a little rushed to get through making your own house but wanting to add in your own touch just the same, the preset designed rooms are there to use to add to the rest of the house where it will automatically mould around the walls, or download a home through Origin, where they have made it much easier to share everyone’s creations.

When it comes to Creating a Sim you can add a lot more definition to your character than previously. You’re allowed to adjust the sizes and shapes of body and facial features making your Sim just that much more unique.

In addition, you can travel to another World while playing visiting the other lots in that World.

I personally believe that these, as good as additions and improvements can get won’t truly replace such things as swimming pools, hot tubs, accidental deaths, and burglars that have all gone missing
This does not mean we won’t have any updates in the future (ignoring future purchasable expansion packs) but as we’re not sure what is in store as it’s still early days, we will have to assume this is it, for now.

Overall, I have bought and loved the game enough to continue to play. As a Sims fan from the beginning I may be disappointed with what we have as a result in the game but I still think it’s something not to be missed in buying!

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